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    Our company,with strong technical force,is specialized in manufacturing carbonic and alkaline Zn-Mn.Batteries.Due to non-stop technical improvement and product innovation for many years,we have accumulated abundant technical experience of batch production.The main products are R6P,R03P,R20P,R14P,6F22,R6,R03,3R12,LR6,LR03,LR20,LR14,6LR61 batteries.
Robust and pluto series battery,the main brands we produces, are long lasting and dependable.Strictly observing to the quality standard of GB/T 8897.2, our batteries are mercury free and environmentally-friendly.Meanwhile,with the platform of famous"China Commodity City" of Yiwu and sticking to the tenet of "quality is first,credit is uppermost",our products are quite popular both at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome merchants to hold busin ess talks or supply sample for processing.And providing the perfect service and dependable quality are always our commitment. We are sparing no efforts in pursuit of mutual development.

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